IPL in Hair removal

IPL is Intense Pulsed Light. It is an intense, visible, broad spectrum light with wavelengths generally ranging from 400 to 1200 nm. It is used for various cosmetic procedures like skin tightening, skin lightening, vascular lesions and for hair removal. IPL is totally different from laser and the entire mechanism of the instrument is different. In IPL, the instrument just produces a very bright light. Filters are used to produce the spectrum of light that is needed. Just as a red piece of glass will produce red light, in IPL a filter of say 810 is placed before the light to produce a light of 810 nm and this is then used in the same way as laser. However, there is a very wide difference in efficacy between an actual laser and IPL. IPL does not have the same intensity of light as a laser and is much weaker in power; besides it also produces a broader spectrum as filters are not so efficient leading to a non-coherent light and this increases complications.
Arogyam Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Center uses the best and most modern machine, the Diode Laser machine, for safe and permanent removal of hair at a competitive price, in Guwahati, Assam and entire North East.
IPL is neither as efficacious nor as safe as the diode laser. Many more sessions are needed for hair removal with IPL. But IPL is often marketted as Laser Hair Removal. This is specially so when the procedure is done in commercial cosmetic clinics. In such clinics the procedure is done by hired persons who are not capable of handling a laser and hence the clinics use IPL. Also an IPL machine is much cheaper than a laser. Before going for laser hair removal, interested persons should first cross check with the clinic whether they are using IPL or Laser.

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